Social Media Foundations For Business Owners

Learn more about how to make social media work for you and your business!

Social Media Platforms & Demographics

We will teach you about the "Big 5" Social Media platforms and their demographics to give you clearer understanding of why each platform exists, which ones your ideal customers might be on, and how to maximize your presence.

Content Strategy

This course includes a comprehensive social media content planning workbook that will help you build your content strategy with the information you learn in the course.

Planning, Content & Scheduling Resources

We will also share our recommended processes and our preferred content development, planning, design and scheduling resources to help you execute your strategy quickly and easily!


How long does the course take?

The Course is 1-2 hours of video content (broken up into smaller 5ish-minute sections). Supplemental "homework", worksheets and exercises can take anywhere from 5-40 hours, depending on how many you do, and how in-depth you go

What is the teaching style?

All of our courses are a combination of video lessons, with written recaps (mostly bullet-point outline style) and lots of resources like worksheets and workbooks. We like to focus on the practical application of the knowledge. 

Business Foundations - Pillar One

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Meet Your Instructor


Kristin Deese, Founder - Catalyst Consulting

Kristin has a passion for helping people achieve their dreams. Can’t is not a part of her vocabulary, and instead she chooses to focus on how. With a knack for creating structure out of chaos, identifying roadblocks and how to get around them, dreamers and creative spirits are her favorite clients to work with.

She believes strongly that we all have innate strengths and weaknesses, and when we collaborate with others who build us up where we are not our strongest, we are able to achieve things we haven’t even dreamed of yet.

Her mission is to provide a broad range of classes and resources at a variety of accessible price ranges (and loads of FREE content!) to be able to help as many small businesses as she can, by meeting them where they're at.

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