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Hi there, my fellow entrepreneur.

I want to de-mystify social media for you.


Yep. You heard me. The never-ending monster that is social media.

You know it’s important for your business. People keep saying things like “you should be on social media, it’s SO important.”


Foundational understanding of platform demographics & purpose for:

LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook

Tons of resources for:

Scheduling content, designing content, where to find inspiration

How to decide what you want to post

Finding your voice. Who is your ideal client. What is important to you and your business. Stories, Groups, and Facebook Lives, oh my!

Amazing support

Private Facebook support community for fellow students!

How to decide when you want to post

Recommended posting frequency & recommended posting times

Lifetime knowledge & repeatable processes

How to build a badass social media calendar that you can use over and over again, and adjust like a champ!

Is this for me?

Have you ever been overwhelmed, underwhelmed or just plain whelmed at the idea of figuring out what to post on your platforms?

  • Yes.  This course is probably for you.

Have you ever wanted to create a badass social media calendar but have literally no idea what that even means or where to start?

  • Yes.  This course is probably for you.

Do you see other businesses passing you by on the social media train and go “Hey! If THEY can do it, then I can sure as hell do it!”

  • Yes.  This course is probably for you.

What’s Next?

Still want to test the water first?

I get it, I like to do as much recon as I can before I pay actual real dollars for something. Check out the free mini-course Social Media Starter Kit first!

Ready to rock and roll?

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Social Media Foundations


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Just launched!

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Can I get a refund if I don't like it?


Sorry. I could sugarcoat it, but I won’t.

The risk of crappy people (the ones who ruin things for everyone and leave their grocery carts in the parking lot) coming in and getting the content and then getting a refund is too high.

I’ve also learned that if you don’t have some skin in the game, you’re a lot less likely to do the work and make the progress. No refunds almost guarantees your own success – you’re welcome. 😀

There are also a ton of ways for you to really get a feel for the course, and to test drive before you buy.

FREE Mind Your Business Facebook Group here.

FREE Mini-Course Social Media Starter Kit here.

You are also more than welcome to email me here.

Or reach out to me on Facebook or Instagram for more information.