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*disclaimer: some of these links are affiliate links, and may result in a commission being paid to Catalyst Consulting. 

We are committed to only recommending resources we have personal experience with and genuinely believe to be helpful to our audience. Some of the affiliate links give our audience members an extra bonus as well, which we will specify for you.

CRM (Client Relationship Manager)

Hubspot is great if you’re looking for a free option that can scale with you as you grow, especially if you plan on having a sales team, or someone helping you manage your client pipeline. It has a “free forever” membership tier option that is fairly robust, and offers automated pipeline flows. It doesn’t allow for a ton of customization, but if you want a quick start option, this is a great one!
Less Annoying is our fave, and currently the one we use. It doesn’t have as many automated pipeline options (which we actually prefer), but is very customizable. It is great for tracking lead sources, and you can categorize your contacts into different groups, as well. You can attach files, create tasks for follow-ups, add notes, and integrate your email & calendar for a dashboard-style view. They normally have a 30-day free trial, if you use our affiliate link you get another month for free!

This is a very robust program, and generally would be used in larger companies with a dedicated sales team that also may need to effectively communicate across the organization. This can also flex and grow as your business evolves over time.

Social Media Scheduling

Many third-party platforms aren’t able to direct publish to Instagram, but Hootsuite is able to do so. You can also schedule content for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. You are also able to manage comments and notifications directly through your Hootsuite dashboard, which can be very helpful.

This is a simple, easy-to-use platform and it allows you to schedule posts for LinkedIn individual & company profiles, Instagram profiles and stories (you have to download their app and manually post when the app sends you a notification), Twitter, and Facebook pages, personal profiles (the only way I have found to schedule content on a personal profile thus far), Facebook Groups (if you’re an admin), and Stories.

If you use our affiliate link, you get an extra 2 weeks for free during the trial period.

Tailwind will allow direct publishing to Instagram, and is a phenomenal resource for Pinterest planning and scheduling. You can plan out tons of re-pins and pins every day, using your own created content, or re-pinned curated content from other boards. You can also set up re-pin shuffling to keep content cycling through your boards.

This free scheduling platform is native to Facebook. You can schedule Facebook and Instagram posts and view all of your analytics from this source. This is one of our regular go-to scheduling resources for Facebook & Instagram. You can also schedule your Facebook Group content within the Group itself, if you are a full Admin in the group. To use Creator Studio to schedule, both Facebook and Instagram must be a business page/profile and must be linked to each other (you can do this in either Facebook or Instagram) to be able to schedule to both accounts.

Calendar Schedulers

If you regularly schedule meetings with people outside of your organization, a scheduling link can be a lifesaver. You can set up different types of appointments, both paid and unpaid, and create specific calendar availability for all or some of your appointment types. You can also set up intake forms for new clients, based on individual appointment types as well.

Calendly has a free trial for 14 days and integrates with many websites and other business tools, such as Zoom or Zapier. You can connect one existing Gmail calendar to it and then start scheduling away.

This scheduler is our favorite. You can link two email accounts, such as Gmail or Outlook and see all of your appointments and where they originated. If you set up different groups of appointments, you can also color code them for easier visibility within your calendar.

Income & Expense Management

This is a free accounting and invoicing (pay per payment) software. You can add on payroll services for a monthly fee if you need it. Waveapps is a great solution if you are looking for something free to get going.

Quickbooks is highly integratable and easy to share with your bookkeeper and CPA, and can also add on features as you grow. You can send invoices, manage your payroll and P&L and easily send year-end reporting to your tax preparer.

This is a low-cost option for entrepreneurs, with options for invoicing, estimates and proposals as well as accounting and bookkeeping. Most of their pricing structure is based on how many billable clients you have, so it can be flexible with you as you grow.

Task/Project Management

This is a simple and straightforward Kanban-style task manager. They have tons of integrations and “power-ups” so you can make your boards as fancy as you want with automations and extra organization tools. Trello is one of our favorite tools to use and works great when you need to collaborate with team members or clients on various projects.

Monday is our favorite for larger projects and managing lots of different clients, ongoing priorities and projects, and it’s great for team and client collaboration. You can assign tasks and communicate back and forth on specific boards as well. Time tracking is a great tool in and you can use the tracker to break down time spent on each step in a process along with the overall project total.

This is a very popular project management and collaboration program, and can integrate with many other tools. Asana can be used for collaborating on various projects with team members, clients and vendors.

Payroll & Human Resources

Gusto is great for full-service payroll and time tracking. They will also process and submit your employment-related taxes for your business. Gusto comes highly recommended by accountants and bookkeepers for its ease of use and full-service aspects.

Bambee is a great resource when your company needs Human Resources support, but doesn’t have a dedicated HR staff member, or just might be lacking in HR experience and knowledge. They will help you build out your HR processes and provide you with important legal forms and will also coach you through the processes.

Legal Templates

These wonderful attorneys have put together legal templates and packages (privacy policies, contracts, terms & conditions, etc) to address the needs of coaches, wedding vendors and digital services providers, designed to fit the level of investment you are ready to put into your business. Easy, accessible protection is one click away!

Brittany specializes in providing legal support for online & digital creatives. She has a robust library of templates for all of your digital needs. These contract templates are field-tested and all include instructions so that you can customize and rinse and repeat for all of your business hustling needs. All the major agreements also include video screenflow walk-throughs of the agreements and the contract terms.

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