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Building Better Businesses with Catalyst Consulting

Our OG podcast - Building Better Businesses with Catalyst Consulting - features our founder & CEO Kristin Deese as the host, with a plethora of knowledgeable guests.

Her guests are all experts who help small business owners and entrepreneurs in some way, and they share tons of helpful tips, resources & insight - as well as discussion and encouragement around the entrepreneurship journey.

Some of our guests are: business attorneys, CPAs, coaches with a myriad of specialties and insight, marketing experts, leadership consultants, payment processors, financial coaches & advisors, the list goes on.

We publish our episodes on all major (and lots of not major) podcast platforms, as well as YouTube (season 1 audio only, season 2 with video).



Business Under the Influence

If you're looking for more of an irreverent and casual vibe - our newest podcast (coming soon) is called Business Under The Influence.

Our consulting team of Kristin Deese, David Sullivan & Ben Howorth pick a topic each week related to business & leadership to discuss. While also drinking and swearing. A lot.

Occasionally we have expert guests on the show who decided it was worth it to put up with our shenanigans in order to share their insight with the world.

Podcast coming soon

YouTube coming soon