Mind Your Business Academy

A comprehensive course system for business owners and entrepreneurs

What is the Mind Your Business Academy?

The Mind Your Business Academy was created for entrepreneurs & small business owners who want to learn more about running the business - at their own pace. We want to help you learn how to level up your business without breaking the bank.

A lot of us entrepreneurs started businesses because we are passionate about the thing that we do, or maybe we're passionate about entrepreneurship and generally avoiding working for someone else.

80% of business owners are self-funded and are often trying to do this on our own. We wanted to be able to offer EVERYTHING you need to know to run your business, in ONE place, with flexible programs and pricing to meet you where you're at in your business.

All content in the Mind Your Business Academy system is based around our Six Pillars of Business: Business Foundations | Money Management | Branding, Marketing & Sales | Systems & Processes | Leadership & Culture | Growth & Scalability.

You can take one Pillar at a time (which includes all related content & courses), you can take all of them in the form of the Mind Your Business Academy program or group coaching programs, or you can take some of the smaller courses if you need help with a specific topic or task. Whatever works for your schedule and budget!

Pretty legit, right?

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Our online course system is constantly expanding with valuable content. We wanted to build an online "business school for entrepreneurs" that has everything (okay mostly everything) a small business owner would need, wherever they may be in their journey. We offer tons of free worksheets and resources (and a mini course!) all the way up to the full Mind Your Business Academy program, based on our Six Pillars of Business.


Group Programs

We offer different types of group programs & workshops throughout the year. Most of our group programs combine elements from our online courses with group mastermind-style coaching. A Business Bootcamp is structured around our Six Pillars of Business, and at the end of the program, you will have a solid foundational plan in place to help you continue to grow your business for years to come.

We also have even more content for our podcast-lovers. Want to learn more about all things small business & entrepreneur-related? Check out our podcasts (that's right, we have more than one)! Building Better Businesses hosts guests who provide support to small businesses and provide helpful action items. Business Under The Influence is far more irreverent and has our consulting team discussing business topics - while drinking and swearing, sorry mom!


  • 5 days of lessons to help you create more structure in your business
  • Foundational habits
  • Business planning 101
  • Money management best practices
  • Pricing & proposals
  • Marketing & social media strategy
  • TONS of worksheets and free resources