About Me

Melinda Core

Henchwoman & Content Developer

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Melinda is originally from the fabulous "Sin City" Las Vegas, Nevada! She moved to Spokane in the Spring of 2018 to be with her fiancé, who she met in a bar a year prior.

Melinda was previously a Manager at Macy's and worked in the retail business for several years, but left because she wanted to pursue a career in something related to her Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. Aside from working for Catalyst Consulting, she is also currently a Technical Media Producer for the KHQ Local News Station.

Some of her hobbies include: watching as many movies and TV shows as she can, and then reviewing them on her YouTube channel. She is also a rabid Disney Fanatic and is always looking for an excuse to have something Disney-related going on in her life. She also loves to hang out at home and play with her cat, Freya.

Melinda chose to work at Catalyst Consulting because she wanted to try something new and work in a position that has interested her for years, but was too afraid to go after it. She also loves Kristin and the work she is doing, and wants to help support Kristin in any way she can.

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