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What’s the difference between consulting and coaching?

Generally speaking, a coach doesn’t really DO any of the tangibles, they are walking you through the process of self-discovery and providing accountability & support along the way.

A consultant is usually working alongside you and is often helping with technical aspects of your plan. They are often Subject Matter Experts in a particular area (or multiple areas) and provide direction and guidance for you.

Ultimately, really great consultants and coaches are providing you with elements of both during your time together.

What do you do?

With a background in operations & sales management across hospitality, retail, client services & data analytics – as well as a plethora of side hustles and gambits over the years – we have the ability to provide you a highly customized plan to help you get where you want to go.

We work WITH you to help you build a roadmap with your long-term vision in mind. We break down the overwhelming big picture goal into smaller, bite-sized chunks. This process not only makes the overall vision seem less overwhelming, it helps you make continual progress towards your goal, which feels AMAZING!!

I don’t have a business yet, just a vision, can you still help me?

Of course we can! Helping someone start at the very beginning of their dream is AWESOME. We’ll help you clarify your vision and help you put a plan in place, even if it’s still your side hustle.

How does your process work?

We start with a FREE initial consultation meeting, which includes a 10-question survey to help you frame up your goals ahead of time. Once we’ve talked through your goals, strengths & opportunities, we put together a proposal that is customized for you and your business. We offer multiple options to allow you choices & flexibility.

All of our plans come with weekly check-ins, goal setting & accountability for you, no matter what the other aspects of the package are.

We’ve found that a weekly check-in is CRITICAL for the success of your plan, and helps you stay laser-focused on your goals & milestones. This check-in also often serves as a good time for getting “un-stuck” when you bump up against a roadblock that you can’t see around!

Do you only work with certain types of businesses?

Nope! We love working with an incredibly diverse portfolio of clients. Not only does it keep things interesting from day to day, it challenges us to continue to learn & grow and find new and better ways of doing things. No business is too large or too small, we are confident that we can help you reach whatever goals you have!

Some of our clients are: health & fitness coaches, award-winning songwriters & authors, custom rustic home decor makers, online course developers, real estate teams, blog creators, etc., the list goes on. If we don’t already know the answer, we will find it. We love learning new things, and working with people all over the world and across all kinds of industries & niche markets.