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Course Outlines

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FREE Mini-Course: Social Media Starter Kit

No idea how to build your own content calendar? This starter kit will help you get rolling!


  • Content suggestions for the “Big 5” social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn)
  • Scheduling suggestions (frequency & time)
  • Content brainstorming worksheet
  • Blank weekly social media planner
  • BONUS (for a limited time only!): #Hashtag Strategy Guide

Free facebook group: Mind your business

Monthly themes that are suspiciously aligned with the course launches below… Teasers? Exclusive content? YUP! Join us!

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social media foundations: Business basics

Wanna know more about the different platforms, their demographics, and how to leverage them to grow your business?

Learn all of that, and more, including Stories, Facebook Groups and Creator Studio!

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JANUary 2021 launch:

Free mini-course: business Start-up starter kit

Have you been thinking about starting your own business and you’re not sure where to start? Maybe you’ve already been running a successful side hustle or business and you want to get things more “legit”.

This is a great quick-start guide for the things you need to consider and people you might need to talk to before moving forward with starting your business!

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Business foundations: business basics

Ever wonder if a business plan is important? No idea where to start? What about your “ideal client”? Have you been marketing blindly to whoever, whenever?

How about mission, vision, values? Big companies have those, right? How important is an elevator pitch, and what on earth are avatars??

This course will help you answer those questions and get you rolling on the foundation for a great business!

February 2021 launch:

Free mini-course: identifying your kpi’s

What’s a KPI?? A Key Performance Indicator!

Okay, so what’s a Key Performance Indicator???? In a nutshell, it’s measurable metrics that let you know if your business is being successful or not.

This FREE mini-course will help you outline your metrics and determine how best to measure the success of your business!

full course: managing the money – financial basics

A budget is not just important for your personal finances, it is CRITICAL to the financial health of your business, too.

In this course, we will talk about managing your income & expenses as a business, how to budget for revenue, how to plan a scalable pricing structure (for services and/or product!), and how to create & utilize a P&L (Profit & Loss) Statement.

March 2021 Launch:

Free mini-course: managing expectations

This is a critical skill to have when interacting with people all across your business, customers, vendors, contractors, even friends and family!

We’ll give you some tools to help build up your policies (and/or boundaries) for your business, and then provide some resources for managing the expectations appropriately and professionally.

Full course: leadership & Company culture –

We’ll talk about what your company culture is & what you want it to be. Even if you don’t have employees, your culture is how your brand and company is perceived by others.

This applies to leadership as well. You don’t have to have employees to be a leader. Some would say that owning a business makes you a leader in your community, and certain responsibilities come along with that.

We’ll help you build clarity around what you want to stand for, and how you want to go about it.

Q4 2021 Launch:

business bootcamp:

Elements of all of the above courses, packaged up into one nice big giant super-course. Want to know how to start, run, or improve a business? We gotchu.

The four pillars of this bootcamp super-course will be:

  • Branding & Marketing (more than just a logo!)
  • Business Operations
  • Financial Drivers
  • Company Culture