Business Bootcamp - 12 Week Program

Kick start your business with 12 weeks of structure, strategy and process implementation!

The Business Bootcamp is a 12-week comprehensive program designed to help you create structure and develop a strong foundation for your business.

The program will be based around the Six Pillars of Business System developed by Kristin Deese of Catalyst Consulting. The System is structured around our Business Plan template, and at the end of the program, you will have a solid foundational plan in place to help you continue to grow your business for years to come.

This unique hybrid program combines online course content and group mastermind/training sessions. Course content access begins on August 3rd, 2022 and our first weekly group session will be Tuesday August 9th at 12pm PST/3pm EST (weekly sessions continue every Tuesday through October 25th). 

Pillar One | Business Foundations

You will walk through how to build your very own comprehensive business plan, from start to finish, using our robust business plan template. Our business plan template is flexible and thorough enough to use for financing or just for you!

Pillar Four | Systems & Processes

Our very favorite thing to do is develop systems, processes and create efficiencies and streamlined workflows. We will walk through the creation of sustainable, scalable systems and how to create repeatable, efficient and effective (and trainable) processes. We LOVE structured flexibility!

Pillar Two | Money Management

In Pillar Two we will go over the details of creating your income and expense management structure and strategies. We start with bookkeeping, budgeting and P&L training, pricing strategies, and move into cash flow and pipeline management.

Pillar Five | Leadership & Culture

Your company culture defines you and how people see you and your business, even if you are a solopreneur. We will create clarity around your culture and prepare you for growing your team in the future.
(+BONUS content: Hiring Workshop Webinar!)

Pillar Three | Branding & Marketing

In this section, we will talk about your brand identity, developing your mission, vision, & values, and creating clear messaging strategies. We will also work on your marketing and sales strategies - you can't sell if nobody knows about you!

Pillar Six | Growth Planning

In Pillar Six we will wrap up our Business Plans that we started in Pillar One and talk about your BIG plan for the future of your business and how to create a plan to get there. We will also discuss business continuity and exit strategies. What happens if something happens to you or if you want to close or sell your business?

PLUS Foundational Best Practices

We believe that every good business plan is most successful when backed up by creating good habits from the beginning. We will cover calendar strategy (we like this term better than time management) as well as how/when to work ON the business and IN the business.


How do I know if the Business Bootcamp is right for me?

If you crave clarity and structure in your business, but regularly feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start, this is for you!

How does the Business Bootcamp work?

This is a combination of online courses and weekly Group Masterminds (via Zoom) where we will answer questions and mastermind as a group to help each other learn and grow!

What is the teaching style?

All of our courses are a combination of video lessons, with written recaps (mostly bullet-point outline style) and lots of resources like worksheets and workbooks. We like to focus on the practical application of the knowledge. 

How much time will this take?

Course content will release automatically each week on Sundays.

Each Business Pillar contains 2-3 hours of video content total, and each week will have 1-2 hours maximum (broken up into 5-10 minute bite-sized videos).

Supplemental "homework", worksheets and exercises should take about an hour each week. 

Each weekly Mastermind session will be 1 hour and will be recorded for those who aren't able to make it live. 

Business Bootcamp 12-Week Program

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Business Bootcamp Curriculum Outline


Meet Your Instructor


Kristin Deese, Founder - Catalyst Consulting

Kristin has a passion for helping people achieve their dreams. Can’t is not a part of her vocabulary, and instead she chooses to focus on how. With a knack for creating structure out of chaos, identifying roadblocks and how to get around them, dreamers and creative spirits are her favorite clients to work with.

She believes strongly that we all have innate strengths and weaknesses, and when we collaborate with others who build us up where we are not our strongest, we are able to achieve things we haven’t even dreamed of yet.

Her mission is to provide a broad range of classes and resources at a variety of accessible price ranges (and loads of FREE content!) to be able to help as many small businesses as she can, by meeting them where they're at.

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